World Book Day

We had an absolutely fab day today, with loads of reading and writing happening.  In the morning, P5 all came through to buddy up with us and we read books together.  As you can see from the photos, the children were all amazing, and totally engaged in reading.

Then we made some books of our very own!  They were a special design – ‘Flip Flap’ books.  Since we are learning about People Who Help Us, our stories were all about Fire Safety.  We hope to have some Firemen visiting next week, so we can ask them what they think of our books.

We had an International theme for World Book Day this year, so later in the day, Mrs Hewitson came to our class to read The Gruffalo in French!  We are learning French in class, so were able to pick out some of the words that we recognised.  We also had a visit from Mr Marshall’s wife who read us a story in Japanese.  She wore a beautiful traditional Kimono dress, and the most amazing wooden soled shoes.

In the afternoon, we went to the hall to share with everyone else what we had been working on in class.  We saw some amazing different styles of books.

Everyone got a book token and got to choose a book to exchange it for, so I bet there will be loads of new stories being read at bed time tonight. 🙂



We had our Christmas lunch in school today, and it was YUMMY!  We all got crackers to pull which had some very cheesy jokes in them and there were Christmas tunes on the big screen that we sang along to.  Later on in the afternoon, there was definitely a very ‘brussell sprouty’ air in the classroom!

Wonderful Stories….

Last week, we were lucky enough to have the fantastic Liza Mulholland from Music Matters to in to teach the children some creative dance and singing.  Today, Liza was back with a wonderful guest artist from Arts Play Highland called Lizzie McDougall. She came in to tell us some Highland stories and show us her FABULOUS story quilt.  Arts Play Highland provide stimulating sessions in schools which really get the children’s imagination and creativity flowing.  We hope you come back to visit us again sometime Lizzie, and we can’t wait to see you again next week Liza!

We have a chick!!!

And it’s off the scale cute!  It must have hatched last night, because it was all fluffy and dried out this morning when we discovered it.  There’s also another one starting to crack.  We have some lovely clips of the children seeing him/her for the first time, but I can’t upload videos to the blog : (    Our tadpoles have flitted into new accommodation too – much bigger than the last abode.  We have quite a few frogs now- you can see one sitting on the lollypop bridge we put in for them.

Welcome to P1/2’s first blog entry!!

The wonderful Mrs Doherty has kindly shown me how to put entries on our school blog, so I’m very excited to be able to show you some pictures of what we have going on here in class!  Our project at the moment is all about Spring Animals and Minibeasts, and we have been carefully looking after some tadpoles here in class.  We have watched them since they were little dots, but you can actually see 4 little legs on one of them now, in the top right photograph.

We are also very lucky to have a chick incubator in the class, thanks to one of our fantastic janitors – Michael.  In the top left photo, you can see the regular hen eggs on the left and some pheasant eggs in the middle.  The eggs on the right are either golden pheasant, or bantam.  We will keep you posted on how all our little creatures are doing.  🙂